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There will be a few changes this season, most of you already know about…more races, longer season, single speed category. I will be doing some ‘tweaking’ to the points structure to integrate some of these changes. The cat 3’s will once again race with the 1,2’s but they will be scored seperate and have their own competition. The single speed cat will have their own cat as well with some substantial points getting. The 3’s point structure will be formed for potential upgrading in mind as per usual. But, the single speed cat points will be non-transferable. The team competition has become one of the more interesting focuses for bamacross from my perspective and I want the great feel that we have at all of our races to benefit from this competition. I’ve thrown several ideas around on this topic…best grill out, costume points, volunteer points…I’ll have a twist this year that I hope will benefit the ‘scene’ and give even the small teams a fighting chance to go for glory (aka – the badass trophy).

That being said, we have a huge year planned and I am more excited about the opportunities being offered than ever before. Last year we had a great opportunity presented to us by Hugh Stump in Gadsden and this year the Mayor of Brookside is on board with our little thing. I hope you all are as excited as I am for the 2011 season.




training wheels
non-training wheels


Brap, Brap, Brap!

Race #1


pic of da week

pics of da week


Yes, 6 weeks in a row (right off the bat) is a bit much…i know. i’m going to pull 2 of the race dates from oct and put them into january…yes january.

Pics of the week

pic of da week

i’ll get the calendar updated right quick on the sidebar…it’s time to wake up the beast and get him moving around. erbody knows that as soon as the riders sprint to a close on the streets of Paris…cyclocross season truly begins. tick,tick,tick

Pic of the week

Junior racing sponsor

BAMACROSS is seeking a sponsor for junior development. This package would be inclusive of entry fees and a lump sum amount for sending 3 juniors to the national championships this year. If you are interested, please contact me marshallbrentatgmaildotcom

2011 Schedule (subject to tweakage)

10/2 BHM
10/9 BHM
10/16 BHM
10/23 BHM
10/30 TSC
11/6 GDN
11/20 ASN
12/4 BHM (sloss)
12/11 BHM
12/18 BHM

Start trainin’
That will be all.