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Come on GC, I need this thing on my desk!!!!

Bill St. John just can’t stop with the masterpieces. First with the totally badass print-now this. I’m riding the trainer tonight…


If the flyer doesn’t open up-click the word HERE and it SHOULD take you to cycleescape.blogspot.com which has all the info. on the Montgomery rumble. Do you think that the Montytown Metalhead will show up on his “saviour machine”???

I’m moving to Portland

The Sprockettes Dance Party – Cyclocross Weekend Mash up

Some music to go with that TRIPtophan

These bands are like the bomb, brah! The Rosebuds and Wild Sweet Orange (they’re from the ‘Ham!!)

who’s gonna be the bigshot???

Is it Dec. 3rd yet???

Series Standings after race #4


Anniston Pics

Some great photos – HERE and HERE

Steppin Up!

So I wasn’t there yesterday-But, word has it that Jerrod Dorminey put the spank-spank down and rode to his first 1/2/3 victory in his second race since catting up. I think boy wonder needs to do nationals and reprezent! I need some photos to post so shoot them to me marshallbrent@gmail.com, shoot me a race […]


Bamacross makes it’s first voyage to foriegn territory on Sunday. The Mellow Mushroom Boys are planning on opening up the gap in the team competition on home turf. GC’s need to unite and shut ’em down!!! If you need info print the Anniston flyer in a previous post. For more info. on the Jason Sager […]