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Happy Holidays!

I’ll situate the final standing and post the 1st week of the year. Race promoters: I’ll be taking new races to create the ’07 schedule for the Bamacross Series. I know Montgomery and Anniston want 2 for ’07. Cullman will be there and We’ll have at least 1 in B’ham. So that leaves 2 spots […]


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…They’re coming. I’ve been busy, get off my back!!!




Well, It’s come to an end. The Bamacross Series shot it’s final round yesterday in Cullman and it went out with style. I truly enjoyed the entire experience and I hope all of you did as well. It is so fulfilling to see people who you’ve ridden with a hundred times, but never seen racing, […]

State Championship/Series Finale this weekend

Quick note: Awards for State Champions and Series finalists will be held :30 min. after each race conclusion. Bring a clean kit for the pictures. Please note this as WE WILL NOT HUNT YOU DOWN. We have a pretty hectic schedule to get everyone medaled and prized out along with podium presentations. Please be mindful […]


(12/10)-A word from B.SJ:”We will have the course open for preview/practice on Saturday the 16th from 2 to 4PM. An amateur video is also posted on our webpage for a short look at parts of the course. “Cullman


Standings These have not been proofed and are not locked. Just testing the Google spreadsheet ap. Let me know if it pulls up viewable. SideTracked has the photos up.


Cyclocross “tournament” in Montgomery makes the NEWS (pop up blocker bad). Well that’s just great. You struggle and strain to find sponsors, venue and volunteers to host a downtown crit and the B grade media doesn’t even show up. But, start a crappy little blog, get a few sponsors, buy some caution tape, load the […]

Dem bicycles be like brap,brap,brap!

Mungumry was a good time. Who gets sunburned in December? Thanks to Cycle Escape boys for all the hard work-trust me, I know how hard it is to put on an event. I think we had the biggest turnout yet. I will post the results and series standings soon.