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Cyclocross “tournament” in Montgomery makes the NEWS (pop up blocker bad). Well that’s just great. You struggle and strain to find sponsors, venue and volunteers to host a downtown crit and the B grade media doesn’t even show up. But, start a crappy little blog, get a few sponsors, buy some caution tape, load the cooler with beer…and you make the news – that’s just great. Dave Mcneal even made the cover of SideTracked Magazine. This is an impressive new rag out of Wetumka, Al. that showcases fringe sports in the dirty south. As far as the team standings go, BBC looks to have a wrap on that thing. I don’t even think they have to show up for the last race to win. So, I put the trophy on my desk, where it will be until the 17th.Here are the results from yesterday:

M 1/2/3

  1. Mike Hurley
  2. Will Fyfe
  3. Chad Hungerford
  4. Dave McNeal
  5. Tony Esposito

W 1/2/3

  1. Kelley Bownes

M 3/4

  1. Dave McNeal
  2. Joeseph Bolton
  3. Everette Herring
  4. Brandon Curtis
  5. Tony Esposito
  6. Hardwick Gregg
  7. Matthew Johnson
  8. Ross Mitchell
  9. Patrick Wigley
  10. Brent Marshall
  11. David Hiott

M 4/5

  1. Jacob Tubbs
  2. Lee Gravlee
  3. Bart Davidson
  4. Carl Viars
  5. Chris Woods
  6. Billy Faulk
  7. Daniel Rumbarger
  8. Ray Fernandez
  9. Jonathan Payne
  10. Curtis Cupp
  11. Ben Chuang
  12. Giles Crisler


  1. Lisa Geyer
  2. Sally Gonder
  3. Jane Claire Gillespie

Masters 35+

  1. Patrick Wigley
  2. Ross Mitchell
  3. Carl Parke
  4. Cayce Cherry
  5. David Hiott
  6. Curtis Cupp
  7. Patrick Porteous
  8. Edward Hamilton

Masters 45+

  1. Hardwick Gregg
  2. Jeff Dorminey
  3. Bill St. John

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