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fearsome four

the four week stretch of racing is over. we’ve seen some great action in all categories with lead changes in every category. the team race should be interesting in the final stretch as ERA-Oxford Realty and BOO-KOO BBC seem to be locked and loaded for battle. Hurley took another impressive win with Will Fyfe showing some stunning power with his bridge to 10 sec. after a flat. Hurley thought he had it in the bag until he looked back and saw this:

He jumped like a scalded dog after seeing a possessed chaser and pushed the gap back to :30 sec.

Ursula Sandefuer killed it again proving that there may be a battle for cross queen in Bama.
Willie and Jimi domo’d the masters field. Everette and Dmac…need I say anymore? The men’s 4 field saw a guest from Ga. who shook it up and gave the regulars a new carrot to chase. I think Heather Ladd won the women’s 4 race again.

Thanks to the Wig’s Wheels/Mellow Mushroom crew for a great race, which I thought was like a 2 mile mtn. bike race loop. Others felt like it suited the road set, either way it was killa’. I mean where else do you get a set of barriers through a hay barn?

Next up is the biggie- The Alabama State Championship race at Fain Park in Montgomery, Al!! We don’t have jersey this year, but we will have a special race # printed for the winners to wear for the remainder of the season through next years race.

After Montgomery there’s only one left-Sportsman’s lake park in Cullman where the masterminds of the CCC will no doubt be trying to show that they hold the torch on course design and venue again for ’07… they’ll have to work pretty hard to reach the bar this year though!

If you haven’t made it out to one of the races yet this year, bring it. It doesn’t matter how your bent-knobbie or skinny, short tracks or crits, 24’s or road races. Racing cross in the fall and winter makes you a better bike racer, period, Whether it’s the top end that you maintain or the fluid bike handling skills that you develop, you will be a better bike racer in the summer by racing cross in the fall and winter.

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