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Don’t know about you all, but I’m fried from cooter efforts yesterday. Dave Hiott and crew really did a great job yesterday with a great park, layout and support. Jeff Haines was on hand for the officiating and did a flawless job as usual. I really got the feeling yesterday that cross is taking hold in Alabama. I thought it would take 3 years to really see the fruit grow. But Prattville and Tuscaloosa proved to me that we can sustain a truly competitive season with just alabama racers. I think the next step is to work with Tenn. and Ga. to stagger weekends where we have a regional battlefest and then the big one- Crank Bros. visits the Dirty South! and regional riders destroy the national field!!!

The series standings are posted. There are some problems I’m working on-the masters 45+ were given points based on a 60 min race instead of a 45 min race for tuscaloosa… and the team standings are a work in progress, should have them up today or tomorrow.

This weekend is one I’ve been dreaming of for years, Avondale Park Cyclocross, As far as I know this will be the first cyclocross race ever held in B’ham proper…so it’s a history making weekend. Avondale park just has what, in my mind, are all the key ingredients for classic euro cross. It’s rich history and urban feel are classic. The best part is that I can stroll 1 block from my house and I’m there. We have held several practice sessions there this year which helps to iron out kinks and helps with course design.

I know over the past two years I’ve heard and read people spewing about “cross should be this” and “cross should be that”. I’ll admit that I’ve prolly been guilty as well. My opinion has gotten much more streamlined with regards to what I want BAMACROSS to be: 1.HARD, 2.FUN and that’s it! our courses and venues have had similarities and differences but those 2 things have remained constant.

There are a few photo options posted in the comments section.

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