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Law and Order have been restored

Mike Hurley broke out the night stick and set the record straight yesterday. Wow, that was impressive. Brandon Curtis backed up last weeks win with a 2nd to prove he’s no fluke. Everette and Dmac ran their weekly clinic in 3/4 race and then Dmac goes on to take 5th in the 1/2/3 race ahead of Mr. Eric Murphy…What’s the old saying?-been baggin’ long?
ERA-Oxford realty guys along with TRIA Market pulled together to really pull this show off at Avondale park, nice work. I was astounded with the amount of people that pulled together to help us with this race. So many showed up Sat. to set up, I didn’t have enough tools for all the hands! AWESOME!!! Thanks B’ham bicycle community.
I want to say a special thanks to Jerry Griffies and Stephen Erickson who seemed to possess as much or more passion than myself for this race.

Ted Bowling took some truly amazing pictures of the races, I mean these are some of the most captivating shots I’ve seen of any sporting event. If you want to sell your shots to athletes this is what they should look like : http://tedbowling.smugmug.com/Sports/410359

sidetrackedmag.com was also onsite to cover our sport with some quality shots as well. Bert says they should have video of the past 2 races up soon, so keep a lookie on their site!

Jeff Dorminey got some great shots as well that are here.

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