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a nice little video…er, slideshow



Black Friday didn’t forget BAMACROSS

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Trucker hats and tees with the SS design. Get some.


There are some scary tight battles raging in the series thus far. It looks as though Monty is going to be cold and sloppy! Probably want to pack a towel for this one.

NOTE: In the event of a tie: Tie breaker will be resolved by dance-off to be held immediately after your race in Cullman. […]

would someone shut the drunk guy up?

a short video

of hurley


Somebody submit some photos. Dang, all i got is video and I’m making a sweet rendition mostly comprised of Jim Brock’s dance routine. He said he hated the Beastie Boys…But the routine he put together suggests otherwise. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that it was Bobby Brown mixed with MC Hammer and add […]

Anniston Cross…dressing

“popular search engine” pulls up the following when searching for “anniston cross”:

Hairpieces at a local beauty supply store proved too tempting for a woman and a cross-dressing man Monday afternoon.

Anniston Police investigators said the pair walked into the Beauty Outlet at 1801 Noble Street and looked around for a while.

One approached the shopkeeper — apparently […]

Wig brought the stars


Last night was a special event for Bamacross. We have established night time ‘cross racing in Alabama. The sandpit being right at the center of spectatorship was great. Much heckling and cheering took place…I’m just now getting my voice back. I think the event went of without a hitch…with the exception of some idiot that […]

Good ‘ol fashion capitalism, BAMACROSS style!

Just to let everyone know, we’ll be selling this fancy international custom issue totally official BAMACROSS series stickers in Anniston. $3.00 in hard cash, and you could be taking one of these home.

Imagine the status treatment you’ll receive with one of these on your ride?

Do it. Do it.