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Results and night racing

Ok, The results for Heardmont are final. I gave it through the weekend and no protests arose. We will have the spreadsheet updated shortly. I hope everyone is as geared up about the Saturday night race this weekend as I am. The concession stand will be open, the music will be bumpin’ and it will […]

As the scoresheet reads

Comments to my e-mail address, please. These were worked off of the lap count sheets and the release forms…peppered with e-mail’d placings. If we didn’t score you where you were, send me an e-mail.

Mens 41. Zac Arnold2. Blake Gill3. Brendan Gibbs4. Brian Bilich5. George Mattison6. Rick Stubblefield7. Richard McNeer8. John McGee9. Andrew Mick10. Mike Garner11. […]

Some pictures from Phillip Thompson


Hope JAVABIKE doesn’t mind

…But google says he has pictures and video from the previous 2 races…sweet


Preliminary Results

Please Note: I am only posting the categories which we had problems with. The remaining categories followed the normal protest procedures and were deemed complete as they were posted at the race. My earlier post said that the Men’s 45+ were needed. Actually it was the 35+ in question. Thanks for all of the input […]

Heardmont Results

I will need a little bit of racer input on the men’s 3/4, masters 45+ and the 5,6,7,8 place finishers of the men’s 1/2/3 race. Not sure what happened, but we had a snafu with the start sheets. I will post the results as I see them and keep the protests open for input until […]

Sorry for the delay

I’m back..sort of. I hope everyone is planning on coming out to Heardmont park on Sunday. The GSMR crew has been working hard to put together a great course and event for everyone. Heardmont has been a site of interest over the past few years for prospective promoters. I believe the local high schools have […]

Congratulations to the Promoter

It should be noted that the Alabama cyclocross scene just became one member stronger.

Our tireless promoter welcomed his second baby girl into the world yesterday morning; Sarah Cecilia Marshall was born at 12:27pm on Wednesday, November 5th. 6lbs 8oz.

Mama and baby are doing fine. Truth is, we’re not even worried about Brent.

So if any updates […]


Sounds like everyone had a great time once again in T’town. The weather couldn’t have been nicer. Scanning the results, it appears that some regulars didn’t show and some new faces appeared. This should shake up the series points a bit and make it more interesting.

The results should be up today. If you have photos, […]