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B’ham News article featuring words from Primavera’s Brett Burton



I got lost in all the bear hugs,rainbows and unicorns…and forgot to update the final results. I’m werking on ’em.

Ear Crack…I heard someone say

Did I forget to mention Maaike Everts and Christian Leask?

Maaike is the one you all can thank for having nice clean spreadsheet results. She started helping me with the scoresheets last year and has done a load of work behind the scenes to make it happen.

Christian Leask is “web dude”. Christian started helping me with […]

A BIG Thank You

To the following:

Joe Wenning – I knew I was going to forget someone on the previous list and Joe, You were victim. Bike Link stepped up and helped get it done this year and we will not forget!

Faris Malki – Faris and Cahaba/Homewood have made a point to help and foster anyone who is bold […]

Lost and Found

Someone left a sleeping bag at the Cullman park. Just reply in the comments section and we’ll get it back to you. Also, whoever left me a sweet set of Ksyriums in the pit area, thanks! you mounted them up with new Maxxis Larsen’s and everything. I promise to use them everyday on my loading […]

BAMACROSS 2008 in the books

The girls of BBC-BOOKOO representing for the team competition winners. Look at that trophy! The Avondale stone rivals that Paris-Roubaix cobble stone thing anyday.The Men’s 1/2/3 final race podium.Tears and Beers, it’s over. I’ll post some thanks and praise later along with the results. Some photo links for now: