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A BIG Thank You

To the following:

Joe Wenning – I knew I was going to forget someone on the previous list and Joe, You were victim. Bike Link stepped up and helped get it done this year and we will not forget!

Faris Malki – Faris and Cahaba/Homewood have made a point to help and foster anyone who is bold enough to try to organize a cycling event. They have done this for as long as I can remember. You are cross worthy!

Tom Oliver (Urgent Care Center) – Tom stepped right up the first time I broadcast the need for sponsorship. Your help is part of what made this happen!

Brett Burton (Primavera Coffee Roasters) – Brett and I were back and forth since the end of last season trying to figure out haw Primavera could best serve and be served by the series. He surprised me when he didn’t just step up, he jumped up on the top step! Them beans were good! Everyone enjoyed you guys being at the races and bringing the flavor!

Gina and Mark Simpson (Velocity Procycle) – Gina and Mark are truly committed to cycling and nothing makes me happier than bike shop owners who employ that mindset. It’s NOT just a business, it is a culture. They live by this and it is paying off and will continue to snowball for them. Congrats on the cross season bambino!!!

Travis Sherman for caring enough to promote us while he was at Interbike and scoring Infinit Nutrition for some product.

Brent and Molly (Twin Six) – First of all for their kick ass designs and product. You help take a smidge of the goofy off of all of us! You stepped up for so many cross series directors in the usa, We will not forget!!

Kenda Tires – While some tire companies have decided that supporting events is a thing of the past… KENDA jumped at the opportunity to get on board. After the winners of your product get a ride their prizes they’ll be hooked.

Eric Murphy (Myogenisis) – Thanks Bro, The products really helped out.

Carole (Hammer Nutrition) – I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed with a product company’s commitment to the sport. The first year, I called Carole and before I could get the request out of my mouth, she said “YES”! That is awesome and it has been an automatic since then.

To all of the promoters. Everette, Dave, Gina, David, Wig, JohnJeff, Bill/Billy. People keep giving loads of praise to me and I can’t explain why the praise has been so forthcoming this season…I’ve figured it out, DUH! It’s because you guys brought it this year. You guys have had 1,2 years now to get seated in and figure it all out. It showed this year, you guys have it figured out. From this point forward it’s just extra gravy.

I know the promoters each have a list of supporting crew that need a little back scratch. Please feel free to do it!!

To all of the racers, You should all be committed for being addicted to this thing. You will forever be considered my herd.

I’ll see you again next year when we all get together and “ride our 10 speeds through the mud”!!!

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