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I’m starting to feel it in the air, are you?

Fall, my favorite time of year. There is something in the air…it’s that feeling you get on a blue bell fall weekend day in the south. This is just one of those windows in this part of the country when the weather is perfect to enjoy being outside. The feeling of an SEC Saturday, Fishing on the lake, or setting up a cross course are all things that fill my mind this time of year on a Saturday.

Another contributing factor to this…atmosphere that surrounds cross season is the fact that it parallels holiday season. I mean who doesn’t love this time of year? Halloween brings themed races, Thanksgiving brings the need to burn extra calories and the season finale takes place as everyone has switched into Christmas mode.

Maybe the perfect weather has something to do with why we love cross so much. At first glance it seemed as if the cross season was just tucked into the leftover calender dates of the cycling season. But, it is clear now that in the south cross inherited the perfect section of calender. Really, who wants to race their bike in July or August on asphalt so hot it’s melting…or in the woods when it’s hot even in the shade? No, for me bike racing should be reserved for spring and fall in the south…that’s why I love cross season.

In case you didn’t notice…I love cross…you?

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