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Who loves BAMACROSS? VASSAGO does!

Up for raffle this season- The fisti! if you own one bike…why not own the swiss army knife of bikes? $2 raffle ’til the last race. Wouldn’t it be the best gift old santa could sleigh?

Vassago Fisticuff Cyclo-Cross frame and Fork set
Think of it as a trail capable ‘cross frame with a ton of options and attitude. Like the Jabberwocky, the design began as a custom frame created because we couldn’t find anything out there that fit Vassago’s needs as a singletrack luvin’, aggressive commutin’, rack capable, bunny hopable singlespeed roadie with brake and gear options….whew.
RACE IT Throw on a light ‘cross wheelset, a fully geared drive train, some cantilever brakes, and you will be enjoying the comfort of steel and hop-happy geometry all cyclocross season.
HAMMER IT With the super stiff “FistyFork”, some strong mountain hubs (135mm), meaty 45c tires, and disc brakes you will amaze your friends and co-workers as you carve any “mountain bike” singletrack and drop rocks with the greatest of ease on your “crossbike.”
FIX IT Bolt on some 130mm road wheels with a track cog, lose the brakes and risk your moxy arse in the name of hardcore cycling culture.
COMMUTE IT The semi-relaxed road position and slack HT makes the Fisticuff perfect for long distance urban rides while offering the comfort of steel and the option of bolt-on racks.
Available as a frameset in Snickers Brown. Reynolds 520 Chromoly tubeset, Laser cut horizontal dropouts with integrated derailuer hanger, Disc brake ready, Removable V-brake posts, Hydro-style cable guides, Bolt-on rack mounts, Clearance for 45c tires, Portion of proceeds donated to IMBA to fight trail closures Vassago’s Fisticuff Website Geometry

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