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POS Contest

Do you have a parts bin cross bike, frankenbike, crossified mountain bike or just a plain old POS? You want a cross bike dontcha? Not just any cross bike – a monstercross bike. You’re racing the BAMACROSS Series, Right?

I’m working out details, but, basically you will enter the POS contest at the first race. Your bike will receive a POS rating from 1-5. The winner of the Fisticuff will be the rider who scores the best results on the worst bike.

I will be the judge, judging will be influenced by my general mood, your general mood, my personal feelings regarding your appearance, your personal feelings regarding the color brown…and some other items I’ve yet to think up.

Judging can also be influenced by cash donations (brown paper bag only).

More details to follow.

This frame/fork is in addition to the one being raffled.

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