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Printing up a few, like 12. If’n you want one, say sumthin’.


Bamacross stays south once again for the Velocity Procycle “Spooktacular” CX race. The POS race is becoming kind of stagnate with no clear front runner. Major points may be awarded this weekend for those willing to bring the costume out. Right now, cutoff blue jeans and high socks are making a push…I’m thinking a speedo […]

Calling all Bamacross Racers

Ladies, Gentleman and the like, this is Christian Leask, your faithful web monkey writing you. Many of you know me and a whole lot more don’t. If we’ve never had the honor of racing together, well, then I’m the guy behind this we b page. I’ve got a big favor to ask all of you.

As […]

Results are up

Sorry everyone, I’ve been ruminating my navel for a few days. Brent had to drive over here and pull the empty bottle from my cold cold hands.

Results are up.

Results are done and should be posted when we can find the dumpster Christian is sleeping in

O.K., I may need some help here. This has happened before…I need the BAMACROSS legion to join together and do the stanky leg. It has been rumored that multiple enactments of this dance will bring Christian Leask out of his hidey hole no matter what. Channel him out with the stank…instructions attached.

…Until then, here are […]

George Ward recovery

I plan on going back to George Ward park tomorrow afternoon at 5:15 to roll, tamp, seed and straw the areas below and beside the tennis courts. If you are available, come on out with your gloves.

Spanish moss and kudzu

photo credit: Ed WhitehornCooter’s pond was beautiful yesterday. A great course and some hot racing. Series standings should be up tomorrow.

Addendum #1

Strike the wording “Double points will be awarded at the Cullman series finale” and replace with – There is a “drop” race in the final series tally. This means that you will get to drop your lowest score at the end of the series prior to calculating your final overall score.

This worked out well last […]



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Turf Trauma

I will need some hands this week to repair the turf at George Ward Park. We seeded and strawed the heavily impacted areas on Sunday and we will need to return and hit it again. Once it becomes a little tacky, maybe Thursday, I would like to go back out and roll it with my […]