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Addendum #1

Strike the wording “Double points will be awarded at the Cullman series finale” and replace with – There is a “drop” race in the final series tally. This means that you will get to drop your lowest score at the end of the series prior to calculating your final overall score.

This worked out well last year as it allows you to miss a race or absorb a race ending mishap without dooming your overall placing.

You did remember to keep that muddy number, right? If you were issued a double digit number last week, I want to replace your number this week with a 1500 series to make scoring easier on the officials. I ordered 100 numbers in the 1000 series and we ran out causing us to issue some of last years double digit leftovers, doh.

Prattville should be a blast this weekend as it is a great course and venue.

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