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Black Sheep

Here’s the thing that brings a smile to my face-

136 racers on Sunday
102 from ALABAMA!
3 from Florida
6 from Georgia
4 from Tennessee

Only one year ago we would have needed a strong attendance from outside Alabama to have over 75 racers…I think someone got the memo.

This thing started only 3 years ago with 35 people showing up at a horse farm in Leeds to race around on some power line trails…136 people…

I remember Troy Tucker showing up at that race and dominating with clearly refined skills. After the race I asked him what he thought and he said ” this is almost exactly how Cross Crusade got it’s start “. I remember those words and who else would be appropriate to show up at the first race of our 4th year and dominate once again?

This weekend is the race that everyone loves to say, Cooter’s Pond. Cooter will be the State Championship race this year which is a bragging right like no other. No one will be able to take that away from you ever…trust me, I know. I was Alabama State Champion way back in 2000 and I never let my wife forget it. Of course, it was not a very well advertised race and there were probably 5 people in our race and I did get beat…by a Louisiana coonas… but, those are minor details.

I should have the results off to the smart people this afternoon, which means that the may or may not be posted tomorrow.

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