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Spanish moss and kudzu

photo credit: Ed Whitehorn
Cooter’s pond was beautiful yesterday. A great course and some hot racing. Series standings should be up tomorrow.

8 comments to Spanish moss and kudzu

  • leven

    Once again, the Cooter's course will be a tough act to follow. Barriers, sand pit and long run-up. What more can you ask for. Thanks Comp Velo!

  • BF

    we need to have a Christmas party in B'ham.

  • brent

    Yeah, Yeah…The banker always prodding…"on,on".

    Kicking around an xmas party/endoftheyear/fundraiser of sorts.

    Somewhere downtown the weekend after Cullman…

    informal cx race/bicycle yard sale/bunnyhop contest/log pull contest/fixie games…my brain works on all the wrong things.

  • BF

    Keep thinking. I like it. Will build the community.

  • David

    Thanks for the great feedback! That was our best turnout yet and you were all awesome.

    I like the idea of a Christmas Party too. Brent, keep us in the loop.

  • Wig

    DH and Comp Velo brought some noise again this year. I love the Cooters Pond course. Loved the run up the hill. Hurt so good! Now if I could only get faster. Thanks to the little 2 yr old dude that was slapping me fives every time I passed him by the fence made the pain go away for a moment.

  • c.man

    Does anyone have photos to post online? I forgot my camera this week.

  • Ed Whitehorn

    I'll have this round of photos up on the Javabike blog probably by tomorrow.

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