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Three piece suit, spandex pants, cowboy boots

Here we are, hours before the kickoff of the ’09 Bamacross Series…am I ready? are you ready? I’m psyched at the prospect of new people getting involved this year. We had a couple of new women at practice last night along with many new faces that have been riding the course the past couple of weeks. That’s what keeps the ball rolling for this thing – the new faces – the person showing up on their beater mtn bike or rigged up road bike – the mud on their teeth as they smile after their first race – the realization that they have discovered something because of our efforts…that is the charger for the Bamacross battery.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, a few quick notes –

The race number you are issued at the first race is your number for the ENTIRE SERIES. Do not throw it away. Stuff it in your race bag so you have it at the next race. Keeping the same number throughout the series helps the organizers and scoring a ton. If you forget or lose your number, a replacement can be purchased for $5. Please let registration know you are purchasing a new number as replacement or your scores for the series will be wonky.

The leaders jerseys will be issued at the podium at George Ward. When the race is over and podium activities have concluded, you must turn the jersey back in at registration. The jerseys will be re-issued at each race. The series winner will take the jersey home for good, duh.

The team competition will be hotly contested as usual. Make sure to list your team name on your release form so we can properly issue points. It is important that you and your team get together an make sure that you are all writing in the same team name and not confusing the wording.

It’s gonna be wet and muddy and muddy and muddy, bring a clean kit for the podium. Podiums will be taking place approx. 45 min after the conclusion of your race.

Come get some.

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