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Turf Trauma

I will need some hands this week to repair the turf at George Ward Park. We seeded and strawed the heavily impacted areas on Sunday and we will need to return and hit it again. Once it becomes a little tacky, maybe Thursday, I would like to go back out and roll it with my turf roller and seed and straw again. If you can help please stay tuned and I will post. We are catching some serious heat from the “Friends of George Ward Park” and Councillor Valerie Abbott. I have spoken and met with Parks and Recreation on this matter and I feel like we can resolve any potential conflict with proper and responsible action. Please do not ride the course anymore as we need to keep the water collecting ruts to a minimum.

If you will, you can contact councillor Abbott valerie.abbott@birminghamal.gov and let her know what a great venue George Ward Park is and that we are not a bunch of irresponsible hooligans…for the most part.

I will post an informal list of results up in just a bit. These will just be written on a post and not on the official spreadsheet. The official spreadsheet will be up later this week.

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