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Come on up to Cullman and race…or don’t.

Congrats BUMP

Putting us on the map once again. Many PRO’s said B’ham was the best on the circuit last year…I’d agree.

2010 USA Cycling Pro Cross Country Mountain Bike Tour Schedule:

March 13: US Cup Bonelli Park – San Dimas, Calif.March 27: US Cup Fontana – Fontana, Calif.May 16: US Cup Big Bear – Big Bear, Calif.June 5: […]

Some Pitchers

…of me showing the juniors how to git it done.Images by Keith/Beverly West

True Cross Weather

images by Alan BartonWhat does that mean? I guess true as in true for what we typically experience the last two races of the year, or true for what we see all year long from the cross crazy regions of the world. I found out why a cross bike is used for cross yesterday by […]

Bah! – I’ll handle this behind the scenes with an iron fist! results up in a minute.

#40, calling #40…

If I could just know who #40 is in the cx 4’s I could wrap these ^%$&^#^ results up. Could someone please step out of the shadows? This is the only release form missing and this person finished 4th in the 4’s. Can someone shed some light, pahlease?

and the circus rolls on

…next stop, Mungummry. Fain Park was the race that the mud gods finally shone on us last year, appeasing all of your photo op needs. It appears that we are on a collision course for much of the same this year with rain forecast for Saturday. The course was the best ever last year. No […]

My head hurts?

I had a blast as usual, thanks Wig. There were a few of you who had questions/concerns on results (shocker) – email me, marshallbrent at gmail dot com

It looks like there were (3) lapped riders shown in the top finishing order (CX4). They were placed 6th, 8th and 9th – #’s 1574,1515 & 1567.

If Chuck Norris was going to be in Anniston Saturday he would drink his stuff in a red solo cup

…Just Sayin’, because Chuck would respect the fact that it’s a public park and stuff. Get there early enough to set up camp along the sandpit/finish straight as tent positioning battles will be fierce. The concession stand will be open and serving your typical baseball/softball concession stand fare. I believe there is still an after […]

Sloss Results

No, I did not go to art school…amazing, I know.

The results will be up today. There are a couple of things that I would like to point out before they are posted.

1- Learn to pin your number on correctly. If you are new to racing this is one of those things that you just have […]