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Anniston Night Race This Weekend

I’ll need a driver, babysitter pahlease? Consider loading up in a motel as we are. Wig is bringing it for my favorite cycling party of the year, don’t miss. Where is my BIG cooler?

PS. Wig says everyone runs the first hill this year (run up). This has been billed as the “border battle” by some, check the Georgia-cross schedule – Sunday’s race is mega close to Anniston enabling the double up. Georgia wins the race…we win the party!!!!!

9 comments to Anniston Night Race This Weekend

  • MGarner

    Gotta an idea to 1-up the unicorn preme from last year. Too many shots to the head will make me miss the after party. Keep your eyes peeled coming through the sand pit for hand-outs.

  • megabeth

    This is the most fun race. I hope Brent achieves three sheets to the wind status like he did last year because he was the best Talladega-style cheering section ever, and Steve Erickson's enthusiastic cowbell ringing was a close second.

  • dhevad

    We will be bringing some of the Cycletherapy team (Rome GA.) to this event.I told them how fun it was last year. http://www.Cycletherapy.us

  • Stephen

    Last year Heather and I did the Saturday/Sunday Bama/Georgia double and it was a lot of fun. This year it will be even easier and you could still spend the night in Anniston and get some party on after Saturday's race.

  • Average Jim

    Brent, are we going to get results or are you just going to ruin Cyclocross for everyone.

    Even better idea is to withhold posting until right before Cullman and add some soap opera drama to the last 3 races.

    P.S. What brand of beer do you drink?

    P.P.S. How gay am I for adding a P.S.?

  • brent

    Jim, you finished 9th

    Budweiser, cans please.

    You're a triathlete…your gay factor was already at it's maximum.

  • brent

    …hopefully the sarcasm seeped through.

  • Average Jim

    Mine or yours? Do you need to catch up reading Stevil.

    I'll bring chilled refreshments for you Saturday.

    G.S. How many POS points do I get for a skullet?

  • brent

    depends on how well you wear it. smellvis says he's gunna one up his hunka/elvis getup if necessary…

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