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More photos from Carl Viars. The Tusc. News was out, so there should be a story today or tomorrow with some good pics. Jim sent me some pics of the ‘cheerleader’ getup –

I know a few of you who said you wanted hoodies got snubbed, sorry, they sold really quick. I printed up a few more in brown and red, so I’ll have them for you. If you are out of town and want one (NY), paypal me – marshallbrent at gmail dot com $25 (the $5 is for shipping).

Hoping everything goes well for Sloss this weekend, it’s a very unique venue and I’m not sure the powers that be there knows what to expect. I’ve been thinking of this venue for a long time and thankfully Everette Herring and BBC took the ball and ran with it on this one. We may be able to get out there and ride the course sometime this week, I’ll keep you posted. I’m finishing up the results now and will have them off to the web monkey shortly.

This is a first draft of the course and will def. have some revisions when setup – esp. in the grass pkg lot area. Everette has some off camber sections and run up thrown in on the back side.

2 comments to More T-town and SLOSS CROSS THIS WEEKEND!!

  • david

    brent: didn't make it to t-town. crashed hard at the velodrome race in GA on Saturday and ended up in a splint. hoping to make sloss. please save an x-large for me. you can send me an email or call my cell phone to confirm.

  • brent

    I'll save you one David. Psycho Cross looked awesome. Creed rocking the Niner monstercross rig was sweet.

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