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Venue-pass ; Beer Sponsor-Fail

Margot’s Pics

Awesome day of racing at a truly unique venue. Just to clarify, Good People Brewing did not stand us up. Blackwell’s Pub was who committed to not only show up and pour beer, but also provide gift certificates for winners…no show…great, thanks.

No problem, BBC and Everette Herring showed the class and patience to pull it off regardless.

New venues provide unknown problems and Sloss was a bear. Major difficulties from within. The success is that we pulled it off and learned a lot about the venue to correct for next year.

Be patient for the results and we will throw them up and take your feedback.

12 comments to Venue-pass ; Beer Sponsor-Fail

  • David

    I think to the outside observer (us racers and spectators) the difficulties were compltely transparent. Kudo's to Everette and everyone who helped pull it off. You folks put on a great race and I hope we can do that one again next year (when I am in better shape).

  • rlbrunso

    awesome day, indeed. Thanks BBC, Everett, and Brent…special venue for sure. Hope we can make it back there next season. Never been to Blackwells, guess I won't ever be goin now, they confirmed what I've heard.

  • jacobtubbs

    man what an awesome day. GREAT job Brent, Everette, and the BBC crew. 1st class event. BAMACROSS is bigtime!

    if anybody finds some skin on the steps, let me know. my left side is feeling a little drafty…

  • MGarner

    Big thanks to BBC, Everette, and lastly Brent. This series is going to be big time in south with efforts like today. I am ready to strap on a light, line up and do it again, BYOB! Sweetness.

  • Dan

    Today was a great production, many thanks to the BBC guys. I didn't notice a thing other than the missing GPB beer.

    Jacob – good to know I wasn't the only one that skinned up my left flank on the stairs! The mud was slicker than a bananna peel coming onto the steps!

  • Mitchell

    It was my first race (cross or otherwise) ever, but I think it went well. It was loads of fun, and I definitely plan on coming back for more!

  • ALgoat

    Sloss hurt me more than the others. maybe I hurt myself? regardless it was painful. and awesome.

    BYOBB(extra B is a typo)

  • Larry

    Loved the course, loved the venue. Real industrial. Sweet, My best race ever and my first podium. Great job to everyone. And yea I left some skin on the steps also!

  • david

    great race great job.

    does anyone have any pictures posed anywhere?

  • Stephen

    Margot's photos are supersweet.

  • Wig

    Big E and BBC brought another first class race. I din't notice any "issues" and never sensed that there were any problems. I never go to a race without my own stock of beer so I didn't even notice the absense of …. who are they again.
    Now for the party!!!! You do not need lights.

  • dhevad

    Very fast very fun course. I would recommend to anyone. Good job of dealing with noshow sponser (it happens)did not really need any more beer since I had to drive home. Look foward to the next race
    I did not want to drive to Savannah
    6+hours for the Georgia race. Glad we came to yours.I was the guy who crashed and burned in the c-morning
    race over the barricades.Totally my fault. My pride was injured but not bike or body( just a little blood is just good cross racing).

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