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10/3/10 Birmingham
10/17/10 Prattville
10/31/10 Tuscaloosa
11/7/10 Birmingham
11/20/10 Anniston
11/28/10 Birmingham
12/5/10 Birmingham


8 comments to BAMACROSS 2010

  • Garner

    Dude, you just made my crappy week rock! Cannot wait. 3 B’ham venues has me intrigued.

  • Brian

    ditto. 3 in the
    ‘Ham- I’m thinking George Ward, a return to Avondale, and hope above hope Sloss. Am I close?

  • intrigued. where will they be? i dunno…Linn Park? Sloss? Avondale? Cooper Green? Legion Field? Trussville? Moss Rock? Vulcan? My back yard?… only time will tell. I can just assure you that the wheels are rolling, meeting are being met and thoughts are being thunk.

  • Jim

    Another Birmingham race added? Does this mean we get to tear up your back yard and terrorize your neighbors?

    What happened to Cullman? I like stinky, stinky mud.

    New rule says we can have lower barriers, somebody please make some. I’m about as tall as a 10 year old and 18″ is over half my inseam. It’s just not fair.

    I need more coffee.

  • Larry

    What, No Cold, Wet and Muddy Cullman.

  • Bart

    November 14th is Tennessee Championships in Memphis. We all need to go down and show them some Bama love and kick their a**es. Sloss is a must! Bring on the Cross!!

  • whoa whoa whoa, no cullman lake crossings? is there oil there now?

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