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It’s good and bad

I’m as bummed about Cullman going away as much as anyone. But, there is nothing bad about another race in our fair city. More races here in the epicenter brings more attention to our little gig and that is just good. My neighbor’s may not think so when they wake up with stakes and tape in their yard…but, worse things have happened.

My wife says two races at Avondale will take away some of the love of the venue…do you agree?

Sloss seems to be a go and Everette is cooking on it as we ‘speak’. I’ve been exploring various venues in and around town because it looks like this is the year I will go back to being an actual promoter. Do you have a venue that you have eyed around B’ham? Ultimately I want to keep it inside the city limits and out of the burbs. I just think cross feels better downtown…gritty.

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