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quick poll

which venue did you prefer last year, Montgomery (fain park) or Wetumpka (cooter’s pond). Chances are one of them has to go. Which one should stay?

10 comments to quick poll

  • Garner

    Cooters has to stay, one of my favorites every year!

  • Leven

    Cooters is a must. The best course of the season, every season!

  • Matt

    Tell the Montgomery crowd three years makes it a tradition. Both have to stay.

  • Jim

    How can you toss out Cooter?
    A dryish Fain Park would be a completely different race. Numbers?

    These decisions are why you get to hold the mic.

  • it’d be sad to lose either. although fain has been grodie the last two years, it’s made it fun, and a more challenging race. i really enjoyed the creek crossing there last year (as did that guy FreeArm). cooters is probably the best venue though, and far as course and terrain. too tough to call.

  • Brian

    Both courses have been fun. Cooter’s Pond is a little more interesting to me if we have to pick one but…

    One question, have we ever had rain at Cooter’s Pond? Everyone knows a wet cooter is different from a dry one (can’t believe I just typed that…), so how will the course hold up to a day like we had at Fain last year? Part of what makes Cooter’s fun is the “snake run” through ditch area. I’m thinking that wouldn’t be so much fun with water in it.

  • DLH

    Cooter drains very well and the ground is so dry that it would probably be wet but stay hard packed. I personally think a good rain would improve the race… especially Kudzu-Klimb.

  • LeeNeal

    Craazy Cooter’s was definitely the most fun I had last year, but post-rain Fain Park provided the most pain and misery (that’s the whole point isn’t it?). I guess it just comes down to the weather. Cooter’s Pond is awesome regardless of weather. Fain Park is badass in the mud but is not as good as Cooter’s if dry. It just boils down to what you can predict at the end of the day.

  • Riley

    I think that Cooter’s is the most fun course that we have. I say throw out fain park if I had to pick

  • Hardwick Gregg

    I have to add my vote for Cooters Pond, though I enjoyed racing at Fain Park even in the slop. Will Sloss be in the mix this year? That was my favorite venue last year.

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