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Adri Van Der Poel

2 comments to Adri Van Der Poel

  • Joshua

    That was dope! Did Adri Van Der Poel also race road with PDM? What is Raul Alcala up to these days? Can’t wait for the series to start, got a new bike today, Ridley Crossbow just begging to be flogged. My wifey even wants to build up the old Cross-Check and give racing a go. Now that the Tour is over my thoughts have moved to the Fall and cross. One more random aside, TBRA released their ‘cross schedule just the other day. There were a few overlaps with the Bama series but the Fayetteville and Nashville gigs look promising.

  • privateer

    The guy who posted that one has posted a whole bunch of other good stuff. 1988 Worlds was insane! More running than riding.

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