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scary proposition

One of the netherest regions of a nether city. I love it…but it may not be ‘safe’. I want to do a few practice sundays out there. Maybe meeting at Avondale Park and riding out there. I rode it at lunch today and it is a great course. Lots of history in this park both for myself and the city. Look it up…I think there used to be a casino and a ferris wheel at the park.

5 comments to scary proposition

  • Larry

    This could be a great venue. I have a lot of memories from my high school days hanging out there. I remember my buddies and me riding our BMX bike there and trying to wheelie all the way around the lake. Came close a few times, and swing on the flag pole.

  • brunsov

    boo-yah! it’ll be fine during the day. geo and I have ridden around that route before. i believe we even discussed it being a good spot for a cx race. good call. lemme know about some laps over there, i’ll go.

  • Leven

    Safety is in the eye of the beholder. Lynn Park is used to host the Susan G. Komen walk every year. If it’s safe enough for thousands then it will work for 200 hundred bike racers. Besides, would you mess with us?

  • DLH

    Yeah! There is nothing more intimidating than a bunch of folks running around in brightly colored spandex. I am sure we will be just fine.

  • Beth

    The ultimate frisbee people used to play out there, maybe they still do, so it’s probably okay for a cx race.

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