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10 AM – MASTERS 35/45 + WOMEN 1/2/3/4 :45 MIN RACE

11:30 – MENS CX 4 + JUNIORS :30 MIN RACE

12:15 – KIDS :5 MIN RACE

12:30 – MENS 1/2/3 :53 MIN RACE

This will help address some of the problems we had with scoring last year by having a more evenly distributed […]


Cooter’s Pond

…is history. The powers that be have informed me that Prattville is not a go. This means that two of the staple clubs for Bamacross are gone. I’ll have to do some shuffling, but we will replace that race with something in the area. Careful what you wish for, I suppose. I’ve wanted a series […]

Green Light Go

I received approval for Cooper Green Park this morning!!! So, here is the mystery venue for the October 3rd opener. I will need a hand in the coming weeks to clear and groom the course. If anyone has access to a riding mower, that would make things go a bit quicker. Some pruning, raking, rock […]

caption contest

there are some obvious ones here…

Luce Goods

I’m doing 20 custom cycling caps for sell this year. They will be by Lucie at luce goods www.lucegoods.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/lucegoods/sets/72157623916013018/ they will be wicked awesome and they will go fast. $30 gets you a major style boost on or off the bike.

The course, in case you visit.

Distance: 8.1213.1 mi Time: 22 mins
Starting at the center of zip code 35222 on 43RD ST S go toward 5TH AVE S
Turn Left on 5TH AVE S – go 0.81.3 mikm
Turn Left on 35TH ST S
Turn Right on 6TH AVE S – go 2.43.8 mikm
Turn Left on 9TH ST S
Take Left ramp onto I-65 […]

Bham City Park…which one?

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