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Bham City Park…which one?

7 comments to Bham City Park…which one?

  • rlbrunso

    this is a new one on me.

    diamond in the rough??

  • Joshua

    Oh, these are all one place? Nice.

  • David Todd

    Where in the heck is this. What a place to ride. Anyone know the 411 on this??

  • etiberius

    Where is Cooper Park?

  • Brent Marshall

    I suppose naming the photo files by the name of the park took the mystery out of it…

    Cooper Green Park is off of Ishkooda Rd in the shadows of Red Mtn Park. It is an old municipal golf course that went by the wayside. It is all Birmingham City Park. The possibilities are limitless out there and the City has actually pushed me to use this park since day 1. I have always been somewhat concerned about ‘safety’ as I have mentioned before, so I never actually got out of my truck to walk around out there. With the current situation I am faced with regarding venues inside the city, I started looking with a more open mind. I didn’t get out of the truck much, but I did some off road action and discovered a cyclocross gold mine. This park is similar to what Louisville has dedicated to the cyclocross community as a permanent park for practice and competition. If you have kept up with that situation, you know how fruitful it can be (world championships).

    Thinking beyond cyclocross and more cycling in general, this may be the place where a pump track, bmx course, single track (short track) and even a velodrome could be housed into one big cycling park.

  • Well that just sounds heavenly, and I ain’t scared neither!

  • rlbrunso

    aw, snap!

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