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10 AM – MASTERS 35/45 + WOMEN 1/2/3/4 :45 MIN RACE

11:30 – MENS CX 4 + JUNIORS :30 MIN RACE

12:15 – KIDS :5 MIN RACE

12:30 – MENS 1/2/3 :53 MIN RACE

This will help address some of the problems we had with scoring last year by having a more evenly distributed race load. This format also provides more time between races to have results sorted and posted.

I felt that putting the 3 men in with the 1/2’s will help keep more spectators around for the last race of the day. This should also help the progression of more racers into the elite category as they will have a real view of how they fare against the best.


45 comments to NEW CATEGORY FORMAT

  • sweet it looks like i get to stay in the 4’s!

  • Zach D

    Your gunna make me ride for 53 mins?? your killing me!

  • Brent Marshall

    You don’t have to stay in the 4’s upgrading is between you and the usac official. I just want the top five finishers to be a mandatory upgrade.

  • Brent Marshall

    53 minutes, please. I seem to remember seeing you at a certain 12 HOUR race this year, no?

    To break it down 53 min means one more lap for the 3’s and one less lap for the 1/2’s. Very minimal change either way. But, a huge change for the better on overall race layout, I hope.

  • bf

    i would put the women 4’s with the juniors and cx4’s.

  • Brent Marshall

    You’re like a bulldog on the womens 4 layout, won’t let go. If you’ll remember, we put this out for a vote by the women last year and they unamimously voted to race together for :45 min.

    I hesitate to even throw the juniors in with the cx 4’s, but have to due to duration. This is by far the biggest race of the day and I’m trying to lessen the madness and provide accurate results.

  • Beth

    What are the max points for each race?

  • Mike Enervold

    I like the idea of keeping spectators around for the big m123 race….

    Bad idea to stick the women with the huge intro. men’s race… good idea to race them with the more experienced masters group.

    “Top 5″… is that overall or if a rider was Top5 in any race?? Because in my case, I got 5th place overall but never placed in the top5…except maybe the last race @ Cullman. just curious…

  • Joshua

    So my wife who is trying cyclocross for the first time will be racing 15 minutes longer than me. Talk about incentive to upgrade.

  • Beth

    The incentive to upgrade is cash prizes for the women’s 1/2/3 category.

  • Leven

    hmmmmmmm…can’t wait to get lapped.

  • Brent Marshall

    …or put some cash is yer pocket.

  • Riley

    Sounds like a big fun fifty-three minute free-for-all.

  • Jim

    Brent – I’m ready to ruin the race for everybody.

    Riley – Drag that pasty white goofathlete Nate up to a race so he can see what happens when suffering and fun get rammed together.

  • max sexy diaz

    jim-there isnt any swimming in ciclocross thus nate cant come

  • Wig

    I agree that if you finished in the top 5 you should move up. That’s the real reaon I never place in the top five. Beth – I don’t ubderstand – I pay the woman the same as the men. That said the prizes at the Anniston race this year might be worth more than a cash pay out.

  • Boyd

    Will the racers in 1/2/3 be scored together or separately?

    Will there be a pink jersey for a cat. 1, cat. 2 and a cat. 3?

  • Brent Marshall

    1/2/3 will be scored as one category. Doesn’t look like jersey will be in the mix this year, unless some out of the blue sponsorship check comes in.

  • Beth

    The incentive for women to cat up from 4 to 1/2/3 is cash. Prizes are great, but the cash payout for the 1/2/3 races and the end of season overall is most excellent.

  • John Karrasch

    Brent, I do not have a USAC license since I generally do races I don’t need them for. Do I need one to race cross or can I do a one day? Also, can I race 1/2/3 with a one day?

  • Mike Enervold

    After speaking with several other people, I’ve learned that there exists a shared belief that not scoring the cat. 3 (B race) men separately is not the most desirable race format. Primarily speaking, how can a cat. 3 cyclocross racer ever score enough points to advance to cat. 2 level by participating in a Bamacross series as now proposed?? it’s not about winning money or prizes, but being competitive enough in a peer racing group to get points towards a progression of USA Cycling race level, IMO.

    Consolidating races makes absolute sense. I agree that it’s best to keep an audience around to cheer and watch the A race. Could you consider an alternative setup? I propose to eliminate the masters race – and do A,B,C race format…. this will support the concept of growing cyclocross’ popularity by offering a progression of competitiveness, and simultaneously reduce the number of races. Master races make absolute sense for road cycling, where experience is the key to safer competitions. I don’t understand how age can justify a separate race in a nascent sport, where expansion of participation should be the goal, especially when races are being dropped from the calendar. Eliminating the B category in order to grow the participation numbers in another race may not be the best way to accomplish the 2 goals of 1) moving sandbaggers out of the B category to race with the A’s and 2) increasing the number of participants in the elite race. Elimination of the masters race will solve the second goal. Institute stricter rules and stiffer enforcement may solve the first problem.


  • Brent Marshall


    I appreciate and understand your point. First of all, if you can’t compete with the 1,2’s why would you consider an upgrade? Second, the A,B,C format is not recognized by USAC. Third, masters category exists because of a physical/life constraint ‘handicap’ a rider has once he/she is out of the 20’s (this is my opinion). Eliminating the masters category would be parallel to eliminating the womens category (again, my opinion). I didn’t eliminate the 3/4 category to weed out sandbagging or increase participation. I simply feel that the contenders in the 3/4 race have the stick to be contenders in the 1,2,3 category. As I explained before, there were several relief points obtained by making this change, all of which enable us as organizers to concentrate on giving you what you pay for – a well run race where you are scored correctly.

    I was scared as a cat 3 road racer being lumped in with the 1,2’s. But, there is no bigger boost to your confidence and ability when you learn that you can hang and compete.

    The position I am in is to sideline the wants and needs of the individuals in order to provide a better race series for all. I truly feel that this new format will do just that.

    That being said…I’m human and may be 100% wrong. But, I am willing to take that risk.


  • Brent Marshall


    I’ll check, but I think you will have to race in the 4’s on a one day.

  • Jim

    Mr. Marshall, will you make sure to coddle me after I get my dreams crushed racing with the fast group.

  • c4cupp

    Could there not be a bonus type system in play for the 3’s in the 1,2,3 race? It seems it would be fairly simple to go through the results and highlight the top placed 3.
    John, you can only race in the 4 race with a one-day license.

  • Hardwick Gregg

    I think you should table Mike’s suggestion to drop the masters races for a few years. Let’s bring it back up when Mike is about 40 years old. I am fine with racing 53 min. with the 1/2/3 but I like Curtis idea of offering a bonus to top Cat 3’s or 4’s in that race. If you look at last year’s results I see that JD Vibert was 5th overall in the 1-3 race and he is a Cat 4.


  • Gavin

    Small correction to Hardwick’s Comment…

    JD is officially a Cat 3 cyclocross racer according to USAC. He started the season with a broken wrist, but still managed to finish all of the cyclocross races in the 1/2/3. Persistence paid off for him at the end of the season.

  • Joshua

    This will be my first year racing since a wee lad and while I could have raced as a 4 in good standing, I chose to cat up to 3’s so that I could do the longer race. Like someone else said the best way to get faster is to ride with the fast. Brents reorganization was the impetus for me to call up the district rep.

  • WF

    I’m glad this has churned up a lot of discussion and everyone agrees that a larger field makes for a better race. I doubt that there is a need for any Cat3 bonus as JD & Gavin both podiumed in the overall as 3’s and Hurley regularly throws the smack down on everyone in the A race as a 3. Also, I doubt that our 1/2 racers will factor in the overall anyway since most of them will end up missing more than one of the races. If we want to do any handicap, have the 3s on the front row, the 2s on the 2nd and the 1s on the 3rd.
    Here’s to Bamacross and for the start of the season. The only thing I’d like to see is the A race to stay at an hour; just a minor detail, but the longer race helps to get your money’s worth.

  • stickboy

    First off, a big thanks for pouring so much effort into this series and growing it so much. I was looking forward to racing B’s this year, but now have to decide between the A’s and C’s.

    Just a few comments: As for the Master’s being created to balance the life handicap of us older folks, if you look at the results most of the people dominating the Master’s are also dominating the A’s.

    Another concern is with racing the Juniors with the 4’s. I understand that this was done since they are racing the same length of time. But I think this is not a way to get Junior’s involved in the sport. With the new categories, the 4’s will be the largest field (at least I think so) and throwing the Junior’s in this fray may have bad results. It won’t be long before a jacked up Cat 4 taking the race way too serious (even though it is ‘cross) yells at a Junior for being in his way.

  • Brent Marshall


    Choices, choices…choose wisely.

    We have some truly gifted masters in Alabama, this is true. Some would say this is true of most regions as well. But, I still believe this is why the category was created, without much research.

    The cat 4 race has always been the biggest field and the juniors have always raced with them and there have always been jacked up cat 4’s yelling at them…it thickens their skin and teaches them to not be tools…because tool aint cool.

  • BF

    I would put the womens 4’s in the 30 min race.

  • WF

    My bad to Gavin,
    I called him a Cat3 in a public forum and he raced CX last year as a 2.

    Stickboy…it’s more fun to race the faster class.

    Props to Bob’s for stepping up with the Cat3 trophy frame. This means that it is the main defacto prize for the 1/2/3 field to all but about four guys; good thing there is a payout. Seriously, that is one sweet looking bike.

    Brent…does the winner of the bike have to upgrade to a 2 for the following year?

    Killer 3’s…the bulk of the riders in the 1/2/3 race will be you guys. Pile as many as you can on the start line and the racing will definitely be more fun.

    Time to dust off the knobbies…

  • JB

    Guess I will be a life long 4 now for sure. That is too bad, was really looking forward to trying to move up the ladder but now the jump is WAY to big. Seem like there is now only a beginer race and an expert race.

  • Dan Keys

    If I want to renew my old USCF license at cat 3 for road, can I get a downgrade on the first race day to CX category 4? Or do I need to downgrade my road category?

    Not ready to race cat 3 in either discipline, but I don’t want to lose my former cat 3 status on the road with upgrades being harder nowadays.

  • Brent Marshall


    you’ll find the fire in the 4 race to be plenty hot. I did.

  • DD

    Oh man, I have to race with masters! That really stinks…I guess I’ll be spending some of my time getting out of their way. I think the format will definitely be discouraging beginner ladies from giving it a go. I am a 4 and would be a lot more excited if I was racing with the 4 men and juniors. Sometimes baptism by fire isn’t the way to go….

  • stickboy

    WF – If I do the faster class, you lose your mechanic in the pits…Or I can just wrench on your bike as you are lapping me.

  • Steve

    OK just to jackhammer the point home…more racers = more fun. If you’re a 3, you’ll still be racing against the same guys, but also a few more. And if you’re a 3 worried about points: there’s no sense in upgrading to 2 unless you are very very fast.

  • I have not laughed this hard in so long..
    Bring on the mud and cowbells!!

  • JB

    Brent- The CX4 race will indeed be fast because of all of the guys who should be racing 3/4 but dont see the point in getting lapped all day in the 1/2/3. My issue is that if someone is just getting into CX racing they will race 4s as they should. But when they get ready to upgrade they are now racing essentially CX1 with zero chance at all of competing. I am just afraid that it will turn new people off to racing because there is only a beginer and an expert race. In my opinion most “racers” are 3/4 ability. Just my opinion though. I am going to get beat down no matter what I race :-)

  • Brent Marshall

    I deleted my reply to you JB, because I didn’t think it sounded right. Last year’s 3/4 category was made up of guys who should have been racing 1/2/3’s and guys who should have been racing 4’s. This year, they will be doing just that. I haven’t re-written the rules for this season yet and much thought will be placed on them. My gut is to go with a Portland upgrade, which is 3 top 3’s or 5 top 5’s is an automatic upgrade.

  • Joshua

    Dear Mr. Race Organizer, I have an issue with the fact that I will work really hard on my bike and get beaten in a race by other people. Could there in fact be a way to enjoy the races by simply going as hard as I can and shredding a cross course on a cross bike without losing sleep over upgrade points? Is there such a thing as the pleasure of doing in bike racing?

    All sarcasm aside, it wasn’t until May of this year that I found out that there WAS cross in Alabama and this was found out after being ABLE to ride after a loping, unfortunate hiatus. I’m ticked pink about what’s coming up this Fall

  • Joshua

    Dear Mr. Race Organizer, I have an issue with the fact that I will work really hard on my bike and get beaten in a race by other people. Could there in fact be a way to enjoy the races by simply going as hard as I can and shredding a cross course on a cross bike without losing sleep over upgrade points? Is there such a thing as the pleasure of doing in bike racing?
    All sarcasm aside, it wasn’t until earlier this year that I found out that there WAS cross in AL and this after being able to get back on the bike after a long and unfortunate hiatus. This mediocre cat 3/4 whatever is stoked as all get out at getting his head kicked in this Fall. Bring it on! Yeeeaaaarrrrrgggghhh!

  • Joshua

    Multiple posts! That’s phone typing for ya.

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