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The course, in case you visit.

Distance: 8.1213.1 mi Time: 22 mins
  • Starting at the center of zip code 35222 on 43RD ST S go toward 5TH AVE S
  • Turn Left on 5TH AVE S – go 0.81.3 mikm
  • Turn Left on 35TH ST S
  • Turn Right on 6TH AVE S – go 2.43.8 mikm
  • Turn Left on 9TH ST S
  • Take Left ramp onto I-65 S – go 1.11.7 mikm
  • Take exit #258/GREEN SPRINGS AVENUE – go 0.20.3 mikm
  • Take Right fork onto GREEN SPRINGS AVE S(CR-18) – go 0.20.3 mikm
  • Continue on GREENSPRINGS AVE SW(CR-18) – go 0.30.5 mikm
  • Continue on DENNISON AVE SW(CR-18) – go 0.30.4 mikm
  • Turn Left on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DR – go 0.40.6 mikm
  • Continue on MONTEVALLO RD SW – go 0.71.1 mikm
  • Turn Right on SPAULDING ISHKOODA RD – go 1.01.5 mikm
  • Bear Right on a local road

  • Bear Right on 16TH WAY SW – go 0.20.4 mikm
  • Continue on GLORIA RD SW – go 0.10.2 mikm
  • Turn Right on FLORA ST SW – go 0.20.4 mikm
  • Turn Left on DOROTHY DR SW
  • 7 comments to The course, in case you visit.

    • there’s a group meeting up out there around 6:30 tomorrow (8/11) to ride around if anyone is interested. possibly a sunday ride as well.

    • It would be great if someone with a Garmin could ride the course and upload it to Garmin Connect so others could download it to their devices and use it to learn the course.

      I look forward to racing this series as I’m new to the area and didn’t know if I’d find cross here in Alabama. Look forward to riding with you all!


    • Jason Silvers

      I am interested in joining but I have absolutely no Idea where to get started.

      Do I need a License? I suspect yes.
      Entrance Fees?
      Where do I sign up? First race? Another website?
      How do you determine division? I assume since I have never done a race before I would be in CX4?



    • Brent Marshall


      Just show up and we can point you in the right direction.


    • Brent Marshall

      I should have mentioned…quite a bit of grooming will be necessary before it’s rideable. Sounds like you figured that out already.

    • Brent Marshall


      This particular venue isn’t ready for riding just yet. I would suggest Avondale Park, tue nights at 6ish I believe. George Ward is also a great park to stretch the legs in. They are both in town venues.


    • brent, great find. it’s going to be a sick race. elevation changes and a fantastic amphitheater run up. let me know when you are going out there to clear stuff.

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