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George Ward R.I.P.

I presented to the Glen Iris Neighborhood meeting last night and it did not go the way I had hoped. The Botanical Gardens had a rep. speak just before me about new saplings and reforestation efforts in the park…I almost got up and walked out. There were some members who thought we were doing a positive thing and this was the proper use of the park…and there were some who might as well have labeled me as a repeat park molester.

They invited me to come back to the next meeting and present a proposed course, but I declined as I could see the writing on the wall. Frustrating, indeed.

Please do not call or e-mail anyone regarding this matter. I have a good relationship with the Birmingham Parks and Rec. Dept. and ultimately I saw that this venue could destroy that. Unfortunately, we live in a world where negative press trumps anything you do that is positive, so be it.

So, the recurring theme for this year continues…find another venue…and I will.

Stay Tuned.

18 comments to George Ward R.I.P.

  • jacob

    dang. that sucks. thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    what / where are the other possibilities?

    trussville? heardmont? oak mtn???

  • Beth

    then post-race trail ride on new trails!

  • habitual line CX'r

    damn. i was really looking forward to getting into that chain-link fence again this year.

    keep on keepin on, brent. Anything in Alabaster, Clay, or other small towns right outside of Bham?

  • Rats.. I was worried the damage we caused last year would affect this decision. But.. a new venue is always a good thing.

  • CB

    Good judgement on your part. Move on…

  • Jim

    Are you allowed to live within 1 mile of a public park?
    Do you have to inform other parks of your whereabouts?
    Do your neighbors keep their kids from playing at your park?
    Have you tried to show little Georgie Ward movies about gladiators?

  • Matt

    Football in T’ville will be done by 12/5, and the date should reduce the number of people using EL Park on a Sat. or Sun.

  • Larry

    Brent, do you think it is possible to hold a cross race on a motocross track?

  • Brent Marshall


    In On and Around may be a possiblity.

  • Brent Marshall

    I’m thinking Trussville may be cool again.

  • Steve

    Always thought Trussville’d be really good, H&I used to practice out there.

  • LL

    If Birmingham had a whale, we could get indoor CX in a dome. Atlanta has a whale, and they got CX on a velodrome. We can be better than the ATL. We need a Beluga Whale. We must have a Beluga Whale. We must have Ultra Super Cyclocross, in a dome, with lasers, and a whale swimming in an aquarium of beer.

    It is my Vision.

  • David Todd

    Call Heardmont or email them. They loved us being there and what a set up.

  • jacob

    LaLa is right. We must have a Beluga whale. Brent, we can’t have a successful bamacross unless we get a beluga whale swimming in an aquarium of Good People Brown Ale. We don’t need George Ward, we just need a vision.

  • Android

    What about a point to point race at Sylacauga? It is smooth enough for cross bikes. It would be a departure from the typical course, but point to point could be pretty fun…Also, anything resembling a paris-roubaix type of course could be fun. There are miles of crappy roads all over rural alabama.

    Also, there is the Vulcan Quarry off of Lakeshore Dr. That spot would make a killer CX venue…if you could get permission.

  • c4cupp

    Would a displaced oil covered dolphin from the gulf work? I would think that would be easier and faster to get before a whale. With the season opening in a couple of weeks and all.

  • Alex

    Sad face. My first CX race was there.
    I used to live in Glen Iris. Definite mix of open minded and old curmudgeons.
    Get a whale AND a velodrome!
    The PsychoCross at the Velodrome was a blast. Another muddy one.
    How about alabaster? They have a perfect park beside the stadium. Except bikes are prohibited, as well as on their school properties. Maybe they could make an exception like Anniston and bring biking to the masses!

  • HurleyO


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