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the hecklers…we need to work on heckling in Alabama…seriously lacking in this dept.

CROSS from Paul Michna on Vimeo.

CROSS II The Hecklers from Paul Michna on Vimeo.

CROSS III The Thoms from Paul Michna on Vimeo.

CROSS IV from Paul Michna on Vimeo.

12 comments to the hecklers…we need to work on heckling in Alabama…seriously lacking in this dept.

  • Your wish is my command. Fat Bastards, all of you!

  • geo

    re: the new course- appropo heckling will be something along the lines of “run that sexy bike up that hill you fatarse dumpling!”

    geo – i did to your post what michelob ultra did to beer.

  • Bici will be bringing the noise and the beers again. don’t you worry.

  • Brent Marshall

    “I’m not fat, I’m juicy!”

  • Bart

    Free Mad Dog 20/20 at Avondale would work!

  • Brent Marshall


    In Avondale the gas stations keep the Mad Dog and W I R in a refrigerated display case behind the counter. It is sorta like the display case in a bike shop where they keep all the purple anodized bling and xtr stuff.

  • Larry

    I LOVE CROSS!!!!

  • habitual line CX'r

    I may give up racing to be the official bamaCX heckler. instead of investing in a new bike, i’m buyin a top of the line bull horn and 8 hopsecutioners.

    the hot dog on a stick is awesome. why didn’t we think of that? Better yet, why did no one take the hot dog? Amateurs

  • Beth

    I don’t feel motivated when someone says “You’re doing a great job, keep working hard!” I want to hear “You suck, fatty!!!” It’s much more motivating. :)

  • HurleyO

    I agree, I wanna hear ” You F%$#@ SuCK!!! OMG!!! Im drunk and could go faster!!!’ WTF do you call that??? Ive seen parrots piggy back dogs better and faster than that!!!”” Go back to the circus you FREAK!!” Yes good motivational cheers BUT be warned, I get ugly sometimes when im in the red and I bleed all over everything around me, hecklers included!!! Maybe though, i wont hurt so bad though.

  • Mike Enervold

    I nominate Beth for the best heckling of me today…. she said something like “I’ve seen grandmas in wheelchairs run up a hill faster than you…”

    Thanks for the support Beth!!

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