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Chicken Hawk Classic


The few sprinkles of rain we got the other night did wonders for the course conditions (cough,cough). Instead of the muddy images burned into our minds from the NE, NW and Euroland…we have paris-roubaix like sweat/dust coatings. This may be the last rip you get on the Cooper Green course as it is slated for a facelift very soon. So, don’t miss this one. Red Bike Coffee will be back out serving up some fresh brew. Bike Link of Birmingham is our sponsor for the Chicken Hawk and Joe has a nice prize list for the podium getters. The weather looks be be shaping up for another nice day hanging out with the BAMACROSS family, don’t miss it!

If you haven’t noticed, the results are up. We are working on a food truck for the race. If they don’t make it, we’ll instruct you on how to find the W. Valley taco truck, oh yeah

8 comments to Chicken Hawk Classic

  • mjmcinto

    Sorry I’m going to miss this one – the last one was painfully fun, and I definitely need to improve where I finish.

  • Riley

    You can also go to Gordo’s Market on Valley if you want good mexican

  • rlbrunso

    so, when you say face lift, you mean like the facelift avondal was supposed to be getting last year?

    taco truck owns me. that sh*t is legit.

  • will

    Will there be taco handups? Because that would be about as legit as it gets.

  • Brent Marshall

    gordo’s yes

    2-3 new ballfields, parking lot. they aren’t touching the old fairways so hope is alive. oh, the irony of it all. my company was the low bidder and i will likely be the pm on the cooper green facelift…

    avondale can and will happen. bids were recieved on wednesday of this week with construction slated to begin in january.

  • alan

    Brent, So are you going to have your guys cutting singletrack in?

  • boris

    first cx race ever…cat 4 was a blast, and course was super-fun…though timing/laps seemed messed up. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Brent Marshall

    we’ll see.

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