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Cooper Green

stealing a stolen image….dunno who to credit chad soner

I think the old park in the hood worked out pretty well. We had another day of big fields and intense racing action. The day started off with Scott Staubach launching a searing attack in the masters 35+ race. Dmac had his work cut out for him reeling that back in, but sure enough with 2 to go Scott had a shadow. It was an intense uphill sprint finish that Dmac took by a full wheel.

Hardwick did what he does in the 45+ race, But Greg Casteel from TN and Larry Stanley kept him honest trailing about 30 sec behind for most of the race.

Stacey Davis got back up on the top step this week with Nat Smith and Maaike Everts really keeping it close. The battle for second came down to the last lap when Nat finally passed Maaike.

Kate Stribling showed that she’s no joke by moving one step up the podium this week and showing the 1/2/3 girls that they may have some company soon.

The 4’s got an introduction to the Porter family again (what?) after Sam swept the 4’s last year and moved on up, his brother Ross showed that there are some serious cross genes in the house.

Will Faulk crushed once more in the junior boys while Savannah Meredith crushed the souls of a few boys cruising to her usual place atop the podium.

…and then came the Men’s elite race. A cloud of dust appeared and out of that cloud of dust cruised a familiar face…yes Will Fyfe is back in town, making it look easy. BBC was breathing a sigh of relief too, chasing the wake that Fyfe was creating wasn’t one of his team this week, it was none other than Omar Fraser (local mtb/xterra honch). It looks like Omar is done testing the waters and ready to rip the legs off the BAMACROSS scene. In third place was another BBC face and one we haven’t seen in awile – Brandon Curtis looking lean and mean – just one more ringer in the black skinsuit army.

I think the brutal course at coop will have everyone’s legs tuned up and ready for less elevation in Tuscaloosa. Velocity always brings a great course and I’m sure Mark and Gina will not disappoint with the Munny Sokol Park course. Stay tuned, a flyer will be up shortly!

5 comments to Cooper Green

  • WF

    Brent; It is amazing to see how far our community and sport have come in a few short years. The courses are getting better and the competition faster and more abundant. There are so many new faces, I almost feel like the new guy crashing in on someone else’s party whenever I get to come around.
    BikeLink; great job putting on my favorite 2010 Bamacross race so far. It was good to see you guys.
    Again, thank you to everyone that had a hand in this; spectators, organizers and the racers. Be proud to be a part of this; we have a great thing going.

  • Robert Michel

    I got a few pics of the Cat123 guys getting some air off the bump before the first bridge (and a bunch of anyone with me, in the back of the pack Cat4’s) on my facebook. Feel Free to snag anything!

    Great Race…tons of fun and dust, could we have a little rain??

  • Hardwick Gregg

    Great job with the Cooper Green (Dusty Cross) races Brent. I liked the S on the back forty downhill. I will take the dust rather than the mud we had last year at G Ward and Cullman.
    Thanks to Joe W and Bike Link for supporting Bama Cross.

  • chad soner hubbard

    yes that was my photo. lots of radical airs. great course, had a blast!!!! thanks brent and bamacross.

  • Alex

    Great job, Brent!

    …results? :-)

    I’d be glad to help if you want. :-)

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