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cx4 results

I’ve been getting a few e-mail regarding cx4 results. If you are shown 16+ this means you finished 16th or lower and earned 2 points across the board. The series results are posted asap so series contenders can see how the last race impacted the standings. 16+ riders are in no particular order, so don’t think that is what you are looking at. I will sort you 16+ers and post asap….and do not think that I am ribbing you for being a 16+er – I lived my entire racing life as a 16+er.

7 comments to cx4 results

  • jb_wrench

    Thanks Brent, I am also proud to be a 16+er.

  • EEP! Ross Porter got 1st in the CX4, not Daniel. Daniel should be in place of the unknown “Ryan Porter”.

  • Bryan Ross Porter

    What Anna said. And from now on I’ll sign up as Ross Porter.

  • Landon Cartwright

    I came i 2nd in the junior mens race.

  • Geoff

    Will there be online registration for next race soon?

  • Ethan

    Cooper Green #2 — Ethan Smith finished 4th or 5th in junior boys behind cousin Campbell Holley and in front of Seitz, not last.

  • Alex

    Seriously, I will try to help sort these out when I am there if you want. I know it is hard, or impossible sometimes to decipher the written notes, and there are only so many of you guys to go around. When I have officiated large races like this, it is a nightmare sometimes. It’s not about glory, or points. The only reason I care about my place: It is about measuring our own performance against the only psuedo-objective baseline we have, a large field. If we don’t know where we placed, there is nothing to tell us how our pain translated into performance. When you felt as bad as I did in that race, is can be a nice surprise if you find out you aren’t last. (Not a lecture, just a peek into my OCD brain.)
    I totally get that this is a laid back sport. I personally have ‘splained it to some (junior parents) who were pitching a fit about being placed one too low, and saying that we needed computer chips!! seriously.

    You do an amazing job, and we really appreciate all you do to make this the best CX series anywhere!

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