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2 kids chairs
1 pillow pet
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sugoi knee warmers

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Stairs, Steps, Stones

“There were a lot of hidden holes and rocks out there on the backside”

I think this was the 3rd race we have held at Avondale Park (I’m losing track) and I always worry about it for some reason…but, it always turns out good. Avondale is the official cross training ground for Birmingham and you will […]

Sally, That girl

Sally Gonder was struck by a car on horsetrack road last week. She needs all of you to take a minute, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and send all of your positive energy her way. She’s a tough one as she showed us the first couple of years the series was around. […]


The course is marked, mostly. Let me just say this – whoever walks away with the hardware this weekend will be a complete ‘crosser. This will be the rider with superior power, running and skills to handle what the ole park has in store for you this weekend.

If you haven’t ridden the Avondale course before, […]

State Champ prereg

Go Here

We will score the 3’s seperate for the State Championship race.


…was a blast as usual. The weather was cool and the racing was hot! Wig did a great job with the course once again, somehow eeking out 1-2 more minutes from last year on a pretty compact area. The sandpit claimed victims left and right – not just from crashing but from tearing legs off. […]

Night Race!

Need I say more? It’s Anniston week and the kids is pumped.

Gadsden world championship weekend

OK, so I think the planning is far enough along to let the cat out. BAMACROSS is organizing a Saturday-Sunday double day cx extravaganza on January 29th-30th at Moragne Park in downtown Gadsden. The course will be awesome as it will incorporate a small city park, city roads and a crazy steep run up. We […]

Words cannot express…

If you remember the shining face at the registration table every year in Cullman, that was Emily, daughter of Bill St. John.


EMILY PARKER ST. JOHN | Visit Guest Book

ST. JOHN, EMILY PARKER Memorial Services for Emily Parker St. John, will be held at her home, 688 County Road 483 […]

Sloss Recap

If only all the races could be a few blocks from my house…

Everette and the BBC crew done went and outdid theyselves this year. How in the heck does he use 200 more stakes at Sloss than Cooper Green??? I guess I should have walked the whole course and I would know… Everyone loved the […]