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Night Race!

Need I say more? It’s Anniston week and the kids is pumped.

16 comments to Night Race!

  • dolla dolla dolla bill!

  • c4cupp

    Went and checked out the course today and for all you Euro traditionalist. Forget it, it is pure Anniston traditional.

  • thank you jebus for the rain. bring on the beer handowns!

    btw, tons for positive chatter about sloss cx this past weekend in Chattanooga for GaCx. folks were raving about the venue, and the course. also heard several of those fellas talkin about comin our way this weekend. represent.

  • Sam Porter


  • jacob

    the sloss-anniston pair of races is going to be famous one day.

  • sloss should jump in on some USGP action.

  • Lora

    Sad I can’t race it this year. It’s such a fun course… May have to do beer-ups again if the hubs races.

    Brent – can you please correct the spelling of my name in the results from Laura to Lora? Small thing, but would mean a lot to me even though I’m out for the season.

  • mat.

    Cross is boss and I’m a hoss (thought I am commited to lowering my BMI).

    I drank whiskeysss tonight. Two tomorrows from now I’ll be sober and race ready yo.


  • Steve

    Wig’s an evil genius of course design.

  • HurleyO

    OMG im so ready to get hammered!!!!! Jumpin out de skin!!!!!! Bring on the PaaaaaAin!!!!!

  • wig

    The time has come. The course is set and better than last year (I’m told). We have plenty of lights and the added bonus is that there is a full moon. See you all tomorrow.

  • wig

    Oh yeah I have dollars to give. Any takeres?

  • Clydse-dave

    Wig, seriously… most fun I have had a cycling related event in a year. Guess which event that was.

    I raise a salute to you and everyone who helped: The cute little redhead at registration (she really knows her stuff), Curtis’ Mom who helped pin on my number, everyone who had a hand with the course and in the making that event happen. Yes, you too Super Brent.


    (I’m euphoric)

  • Thanks Bama Cross for a great race! The GA gang had a fine time and the course was really fun. Our last two races overlap with yours but don’t forget we have the winter series in Rome in January. Pricing is low and it should be a lot of fun, and then we can come over and do your world champ weekend!

    http://romewintercross.wordpress.com http://www.georgia-cross.com

    Thanks again!

  • Kim Sawyer

    Hi, guys – Great face. Good course. Cool racers. Fun crowd and atmosphere. Loved the pint glass (and the payout, though the amount was a suprise because I never looked before I came!).

    As Bob said above come to Georgia for the Winter Cross. And BAMA LADIES, get your bootys over here this January!! Great to meet and race with you.

  • Kim Sawyer

    Uh, that would be great “race!” D’oh.

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