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Sloss Recap

If only all the races could be a few blocks from my house…

Everette and the BBC crew done went and outdid theyselves this year. How in the heck does he use 200 more stakes at Sloss than Cooper Green??? I guess I should have walked the whole course and I would know… Everyone loved the course and it goes without saying that the venue is unbelievable…how did he pull off getting in Sloss anyway? I’ve witnessed E’s negotiating skills under fire and they are impressive to say the least.

Grills was smokin’, kids was playin’, chilli was in the pot,the smell of embro in the air, cowbells, vuvaz(whatevers) honkin’, beats bumpin,planes, trains, automobiles, skyscrapers and furnaces in the background, remnants from the haunted house in tact, perfect weather…these are just ramblings of my recollection.

I wish I could get a better picture of the ‘scene’ but alas, some stiff has to be responsible for backup scoring…oh well.

dmac was dmac, hardwick was hardwick,Nat was Nat,Mary Ellen Mattison broke out,Ross was Ross,Lil Will was Lil Will,Big Will was Big Will, that was about what I absorbed, sorry.

Ross Porter earned himself an upgrade, so welcome to the big time.

Kate Stribling did the same. Welcome to the big leagues.

Russell Fulmer has some great photos on FB.

Wig’s night race, it just keeps getting better.

Results will be posted tomorrow.

Cross is officially cycling season in Birmingham. January-September are hereby deemed the ‘off-season’.

9 comments to Sloss Recap

  • HurleyO

    Sucks i couldnt finish. I think i have been misleading too about Ga. not racing the same w/e as us in A-town. Oh well i know a few will be over in the 123 and it’ll be fun. Imagine if it rained.

  • Such an awesome race/scene/happening. Best part, getting back in the car to leave, my little girl saying, “I had SO much fun”. Congrats to everyone for being there and being a part.

  • c4cupp

    HurleyO, Wig knows firemen if there is no rain. hint hint.

  • chad soner hubbard

    forecast is calling for rain, cold, and gusts of wind up to 30+ mph. may get interesting.

  • Sam Porter

    I got to get me some January- March cross or Mnt bike races.

  • WF

    8 JAN: Columbia Cross, TN
    9 JAN: Beat the Freak in Fayetteville, TN or Rome CX in Rome, GA

    15 JAN: UCI Kingsport in TN
    16 JAN: TN Championships in Kingsport (non-UCI) or Rome CX in GA

    22 JAN: Knoxie Cross in Knoxville, TN
    23 JAN: Knoxie Cross, TN or Rome, GA

    29 JAN: Knoxie Cross, TN
    30 JAN: Knoxie Cross, TN

    26 FEB: Southern X 50mi ‘cross race in GA

    We can put up MTB races later; GoneRiding has a preliminary list out

    I hope this helps; you’re kicking major butt again this year. Congratulations

  • Brent Marshall

    keep your calendar open for the january 29th-30th weekend. we are almost complete with our planning for a double day race in Downtown Gadsden, it will be epic.

  • hurleyo

    HUH?? DT Gadsden?? Thought this was cross-site??

  • WF

    Awesome…if The Brent is putting together a season-ending-blowout-doubleheader, I’m all for it. Bring the grills and the gas heaters; hopefully it’ll be a cold one.

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