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Stairs, Steps, Stones

“There were a lot of hidden holes and rocks out there on the backside”

I think this was the 3rd race we have held at Avondale Park (I’m losing track) and I always worry about it for some reason…but, it always turns out good. Avondale is the official cross training ground for Birmingham and you will see people out there practicing almost any day of the week, so it’s always special when we race there. So many new faces on the cross scene from the past couple of years that this was the first time many of them have raced the old park.

I think it’s safe to say that all of the crowned champs were well deserving of the title on Sunday.

Well, this is it, the last one for the 2010 series is this weekend! REMEMBER-DOUBLE POINTS. The great thing about Avondale is that there are so many variations possible for course design. Expect a totally different one this weekend. We are racing in honor of Miss Fancy, the retired circus elephant that use to live at Avondale Park (Bham Zoo at the time). The park is slated for renovation very soon and this will likely be the last time we race there for a while.

Parkside Cafe is back on board for this Sunday with more food and beer, show respect.


5 comments to Stairs, Steps, Stones

  • WF

    The best Avondale course yet!
    I saw Mike Garner helping out so I’m going to send the props to the CCR crew for making such a great course.

  • Sam Porter

    Yeah more folks need to come out to park side! I couldn’t believe how many people passed up free beer!

  • Larry

    Avondale is a great venue. And props to Brent for laying out a great course. A lot of people came up to me telling me how much they liked the course and I’m sure they will all be back this weekend for more!

  • if you do decide to leave before grabbing a beer drop off your bib numbers at the bici tent. we will gladly claim your free drinks for you.

  • john

    props to Parkside for anteing up!

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