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The course is marked, mostly. Let me just say this – whoever walks away with the hardware this weekend will be a complete ‘crosser. This will be the rider with superior power, running and skills to handle what the ole park has in store for you this weekend.

If you haven’t ridden the Avondale course before, there is an old stone ampitheatre incorporated into the course. The primary obstacle is the old, beat up, uneven steps going up the side of this ampitheatre. If you have toe spikes in your shoes, I would suggest removing them as they will tend to make you slip on the stone. Pit wheels are highly recommended.

Parkside Cafe is right across the street from the park and they are offering food specials for the racers. Southwestern wraps and soup for 6.99, I believe. They are also providing a keg for your efforts, if you so choose. Plan on being there after the race to recap the race that was. Parkside is 21+.

Do it for Miss Fancy!

Anniston Pics HERE

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  • hurleyO

    Sad but sittin this one out. Good luck to you all.

  • WF

    Avondale ROCKS!!!
    …seriously…there are a lot of rocks.
    The ampitheater makes this course cool like Sloss

    We’re gonna miss you Hurley

  • Heading down tomorrow from Nashville, seriously bummed you guys dont do a Single Speed race. What gives? I’m coming down with a friend who’s racing 4’s so I’ll be there early, trying to talk you into adding a SS race at the last minute.

    See you in a few hours.

  • Brent Marshall

    Singlespeed is not a handicap. Grind it, spin it, run it…run whatcha brung!

  • Well, that was super fun. Really killer course, didn’t even mind the stairs (better than trying to climb all that elevation with just one gear). Definitely worth the drive, though it would have really made my day to do a 30 minute Single Speed race during the 4’s. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

    thanks again, I’ll spread the word up north,
    t book

  • Hey you, Booksy. You suck.

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