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The Bici Holiday Party is taking place this Saturday! Cookie baking mania will soon commence, so we hope you all will be able to come and help consume all the goodies. Vegan Sugar Cookies! Chocolate Pistachio Trees! Gingerbread Men! Mulled wine and cider! PLEASE BRING ALCOHOL TO HELP ADD TO THE FUN!

The party is taking place at Anna’s Abode, located in the Pullman Flats building on 1st Avenue S. If you’re coming from 25th Street S toward 1st, take a left and the building will be a few down on the right, where you can turn into the parking area. You’ll have to use the call box to get in – ANNA CARRIGAN 206

The festivities begin around 7! If you get lost or confused call the Bici hotline: 205-386-0659


1 comment to Partay!

  • WF

    Hey BICI,
    Thank you for openning up your home for a ‘cross Christmas party. That truly embodies the character of this great sport and of the Bamacross community as a whole. I hate to miss this, but we will be in TN getting wet and cold. Congratulations for the success you guys had in the series and for the great racing. You guys embody the fun and excitement of ‘cross as well as the speed. Good luck with the racing to come; -Will

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