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Read and Heed

On time.

8 comments to Read and Heed

  • WF

    HAHAHAHAHA…”Cat3 guys have lots of tattoos, are tiny, and have huge amounts of watts!” If DMac and Staubach were still Cat3s, this’d be aimed directly at them.

    The article and video are hilarious; good find, Brent.

    (What Would Brent Tell You To Do?)

  • etiberius

    Ugh, I really don’t like the idea of counting my races right now.

  • Brent Marshall

    I will try to divide the categories to make upgrading more enticing to those who need to move. Probably a cat 3 race with maybe a single speed class. I think I’ll keep the 123’s for elite so that hoppy 3’s can go big or double up.

  • middle of the pack here i come!

  • geo

    as much as I would relish the opportunity to double-up, i would rather see a stand-alone Womens race than a separate race for us whiny-ass cat 3’ers. Maybe just score cat3 separately? Girlz Rule.
    SS? maybe when there are more than 4 of us.
    I gotta get some tats for next year, any suggestions?

  • HurleyO

    YEah, Can i get a down grade and get tatts removed??? Just kidding – well i wouldnt mind getting the ink off me. Whats that gonna look like 30 years from now? hahahhahahahah No really, Ive only seen one cat ever abuse the system, in regards to this cross series; it only seemd like abuse at a point when the races were the same folks and the same old folks walking the dog on everyone else. Its gotta grow a little. Dont impose upgrades. The cat. structure was a good enough change for now.

  • Good Stuff…HTFU FTW!!

  • Steve

    Cat 3 = Killer Bs = the sweet spot

    On a totally unrelated note check out the finish of our state race here in Arkansas:

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