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Single Speed Category has been added for Gadsden. We will see how the numbers look for this race and see about adding a cat for the ’11 series. Registration closes week of, so go ahead and sign up. Gadsden is really hyping the race up, so we should have a ton of spectators on hand. The course may be the best one we have ever had, there are two hilly grass areas that will be connected by a crit course…should be awesome!

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  • Alex

    Of course, I can’t be there! But I hope it sticks.

  • WF

    Can we do the singlespeed class if we promise to keep it in the same gear for the whole race?
    Haha…just kidding; that doesn’t sound appealing at all.
    Are you going to see if the numbers are right to justify a separate Cat 3 and Cat 1/2 field for the 2011 season? If so, there better be a HUGE field for the 1/2/3 race.

  • geo

    are you going to have a singlespeed tandem track bike category for those of us with a monkey for a stoker?

  • c4cupp

    Scoring the 3’s seperate should be easy enough for next year. With the upgrades of Jan and Omar that will still only leave roughly 10-12 1-2’s per race. Plus looking a the final results, it should be a really tight competition between 5 or 6 guys next year.

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