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Gadsden Wrap

Whew! OK, now the season is over. That was a great way to end it too. I don’t think we could ask for a better venue…in the middle of town, hospital in the parking lot, on the river, on the main highway with a great playground for the kids (and adults), heated indoor bathrooms, bike wash, awesome pavillions, 2 sand pits, a mud pit, full road closure…I could actually go on, but let’s just agree that Gadsden is awesome for cyclocross. The course has the ability to be longer with more recovery and will be utilized if we return.

I’d like to give a big thank you to Hugh Stump III with the Etowah County tourism board for making this happen. With the kind of vision and enthusiasm he showed us I would say that exiting things will be happening in Etowah County.

David Mcneal hooked us up with some great product from Powerbar because he’s just that kind of guy. Red Bike Coffee was onsite to provide everyone with the best coffee around. Patrick Wigley (Wig’s Wheels) not only provided most of the prizes, but he also provided his labor and course skills with the setup on Friday. Curtis Cupp, Stacy(single speeder), Eric Wright , Lee Neal, George Mattison and Matt Burks were jam up on the setup/tear down…couldn’t do it without you guys. Katherine Thompson and Lindsay Burks rocked the registration table…Sydney from Nashville was great with her assistance as well. Oh, and my lovely wife Jackie…you probably met her too, didn’tcha?

Tons of photos HERE and HERE

5 comments to Gadsden Wrap

  • Larry

    If we return?? I hope we get to come back. Great race weekend! Great job Brent and Thanks Hugh Stump III for letting us enjoy Gadsden. Big shout out to all involved!

  • Matt

    Great weekend. Another awesome production by Brent.

  • Riley

    I wish I could have been there but I was recovering from being sick.

  • Dan

    Brent –

    What a great development from Hugh Stump and Etowah County. I really felt Gadsden rolled out the welcome mat on this one. I hope we can help make the case with Etowah / Gadsden for growing this event in terms of participants and spectators for years to come. I’ll definitely look for Gadsden on the calendar next year.

  • etiberius

    Great race- thanks to everybody who helped put in on- I can’t wait to race next year.

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