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It Is SOOOO On!!

The red box is where event parking will be (YMCA), getting there will be a little tricky so I have indicated the two best ways to get in (green lines) the yellow lines indicate road closures. The purple circle is the registration pavillion. The start/Finish chute is the small red line in front of registration.

We will have a group dinner at the Villa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant (orange circle) at 6pm on Saturday for all of you staying the night. We’ll meet at the door at 6 to determine if we need a room or not. The Holiday Inn has offered the following:

For those of you staying in town, just give us a call here at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites and mention the super special “Bamacross” rate…great prices and FREE upgrades as available. Direct# (256)691-0225. Enjoy Gadsden!

Save a few bucks by preregistering (Margarita money). Preregistration ends on Wednesday!!!

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