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2011 Schedule (subject to tweakage)

10/2 BHM
10/9 BHM
10/16 BHM
10/23 BHM
10/30 TSC
11/6 GDN
11/20 ASN
12/4 BHM (sloss)
12/11 BHM
12/18 BHM

Start trainin’
That will be all.

7 comments to 2011 Schedule (subject to tweakage)

  • Brunsov

    still planning on extending the season?

  • geo

    6 weeks in a row to start the season- nice!
    RE: Training Plan
    Step 1- Pour gas all over your legs and light it
    Step 2- Hit yourself in the head with a brick

  • Brent Marshall

    That was the original thought, but, nationals are now on the 6th,7th and 8th which means you would have to throw a race on new years weekend, skip a week and then the third weekend… maybe just do a double day weekend again the third weekend of Jan.

  • Brent Marshall

    Chances are we will move a weekend to make way for the dead dog race, so maybe not 6 weeks in a row.

  • c4cupp

    any chance the 3 races outside Bham will be double points?

  • Hardwick

    Any chance of Prattville or Montgomery race?

  • Ken Burst

    I love it!!! (Except for the conflict with the Dead Dog)

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