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Brookside campout and training

Brookside, Alabama has invited us to come out and use their park for multiple cx races this year. If you haven’t been to John Bensko park you need to get out there and check it out. I think I have either ridden out there with a group or taken the kids out there to ride […]


Omar, Jan, Driskell, JD, Barton, Malone, Stanley, Laythan, Campbell, Zach, Hubbard, Jacks, Schmidt, Woods, Cross

If you haven’t, why not?

Series Rules

Rules have been updated. Let the strategery commence.

shurts so guud


There will be a few changes this season, most of you already know about…more races, longer season, single speed category. I will be doing some ‘tweaking’ to the points structure to integrate some of these changes. The cat 3’s will once again race with the 1,2’s but they will be scored seperate and have […]